Federal Firearm Licensee and Licensed U.S. Exporter

Exporting Overview

Exporting Overview

Firearms, firearm parts, and accessories to firearms generally cannot be exported without an export license and/or proper authorization from the appropriate U.S. governmental authorities.

Exporting firearms can be a timely process. The following outlines the basic procedure for an export deal.

Because of certain variables beyond our control (you getting your import permit, and us receiving an approved export license), we cannot give you a time as to when your items can be shipped or when they will arrive.

Typically the first step is to come to an agreement relative to the firearms, quantity, and price.

Then you can apply for an Import Permit from your country (please note some countries may not require an Import Permit). Different countries handle this different ways. It is up to you to know how to apply for your permit from your government/police agency. Without an Import Permit and/or proper confirmation that one is not required, we cannot apply for an export license.

Along with your Import Permit, we will need the documents listed below to apply for the export application.

  • Purchase Order: A copy of a purchase order from the foreign end user specifying the type of firearm, caliber, quantity, dollar value, make and model and end-use and end-user of the article must accompany each application. We need to have this in English, either typed or handwritten (if legible). It will then need to be signed by you and either Scanned and Emailed, Mailed, or Faxed in. Please let us know if you have questions.
  • End User Statement: Must be included either on the Purchase Order or as a separate document. For example “The products ordered will only be sold and used within (name the country of purchase). Re-export in not permitted without authorization by the US Department of State.” Please let us know if you have questions.
  • DSP 83: This is a document from the US. It is an end user statement, claiming that the firearms to be imported are going to be used by you, not to be re-exported. It entails the make & model, quantity, caliber and U.S value. Please let us know if you have questions.

Original documents for all licenses should be mailed to our address. We are permitted by the U.S. State department to keep all original documents on file. We suggest that you email us these documents for review before sending the originals to us.

We must charge a fee of $250 for every export license that is approved by the U.S. State Department. This is legally required by the U.S. State Department. This fee is per permit, not per item. Please understand that this fee is in addition to all others, and does not remain with us, but is remitted entirely to the U.S. State Department.

Export applications can take 2-8 weeks for approval. Once we have an approved export license, we can begin the shipping process.

Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL generally will not accept firearms for international shipments; therefore, we generally ship via air cargo. We can also ship via container if such is more efficient.

Once we obtain a quote for the cost of shipping, we will then send you an invoice. This invoice will cover the OIF fees, purchased products, shipping, and the licensing fee. OIF only accepts wire transfers. Once the wire clears our account, we will ship your order.

OIF export fees are figured a few different ways. If we are selling you our products, we have margins already built into the price. If you buy the products and have it shipped to us, we charge a percentage of the total value of the purchased product. This fee does not include shipping and licensing fees. Since no export deal is the same, please contact an OIF representative to give you a quote for your export order today.