Federal Firearm Licensee and Licensed U.S. Exporter

OIF Services

What OIF Can do For You

OIF Exporting is a licensed U.S. exporter, Federal Firearm Licensee, and Class III Special Occupational Taxpayer that can help you obtain the U.S. brands you are interested in. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of unique services that most exporters do not.

Firearm Customization Can Broaden Your Market

We maintain close relationships with select firearm manufacturers. Therefore, we can get firearms customized so they can be legally imported into your country.

We have helped customers with customizations such as limiting the capacity of a firearm, stamping serial numbers on the barrel, and having special productions run in a longer barrel length. Let us help you broaden your market with firearms that have not been previously available in your country.

Exporting Services

At OIF, we realize that coordinating firearm and firearm accessory shipments can be difficult both from a logistical and regulatory perspective. That’s why we stay current on the exporting laws and regulations of the U.S. and multiple foreign countries.

We are fully licensed to, and meet the requirements of the ATF, ITAR, the US State Department, the US Commerce Department, TTB, and all other applicable government agencies.

Additionally, we have built and maintain strong relationships with both domestic and international transport companies, customs brokers, freight forwarders, and all other parties needed to promptly and efficiently get your products to you.

Consolidation Saves You Money

OIF can consolidate and hold your products in our off-site, secured warehouse. This allows you to purchase goods from any manufacturer in the U.S. and have it shipped to our location.

Then we will license it all on one license and ship it all in one shipment. This allows you to save money and time on multiple licenses and shipping fees.